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Social Media Marketing in 2019

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media comprises of all digital platforms where people are engaging with each other as well as brands. The most popular of them are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Each of these mediums has its own set of audience and objectives.   For Facebook, there are a variety of users; the site is accessed by people of all age groups. Instagram has the user base of the younger generations and is a very good platform for influential marketing. Snapchat is another strong competitor in this youth dominated social media arena. LinkedIn is popular among the professionals, since every individual puts up their academic achievements as well as work achievements on their LinkedIn profiles for making their presence on the work sphere and exchanging work front opportunities. It is a good platform for making work based connections.  Each of these media platforms provides a space for advertisements that can be run in a specific targeted manner, while engaging with the audience in an interesting way. Keeping in mind your business and services, the correct platform to display your ads can be chosen to target the right set of audience, increasing the probability of attracting potential customers. These entire targeting strategies boil down to achieving the objective of lowering costs, hence increasing the ROI.

Why Social Media Marketing?

It is 2019 and Social Media has become one of the most important factors for building up your brand. Be it a retail company or a service company, social media presence is required to increase the credibility of the brand. As most people spend a lot of their time scrolling through the feed on their social media pages, it has become a crucial place to communicate with the customers and help in maintaining their loyalty towards the brand. The gap between the customers and marketers has been bridged by the arrival of Social Media Advertising platform. When an opportunity is right there in the open, the only step to take is to reach out and grab it, and that is what brands have to do, exploit the potential of this marketing platform.

So many brands have gained so much of popularity due to the sole reason: their social media presence. The concept of influential marketing has reached the popularity that it holds, only via social media. The need of the hour, hence, is not the requirement of a platform, it is to be on the lookout for skilled social media marketers that are essential to run successful “Social Media” campaigns.   

Think of it, what looks like a piece of entertainment one minute, if has the ability to grab eyeballs, becomes the talk of the “virtual” town? How does a post become viral over the Internet?  Through Social Media!

No one thinks they are appealing until the likes on their social media pictures validate their image of beauty. Well, that’s what happens to the perception of our own self due to social media. It’s only obvious, how much influence the perception of an ad has on the customer base.

We might hate to have ourselves judged over it, but we can take the ball in our court and help build an image our customers would like of our brand. Well, that’s the power of social media on our daily life.

By Kunika Valecha

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