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Sustainable Fashion | Introducing Cuttlefish: Sustainable and Affordable

How often are you thinking of the environment before buying your clothes? Not even for a second right. Well, that’s true for most of us. Fashion is likely, an urge to just keep up with the trends or for the mere necessity of buying new clothes; the environment here definitely takes a back seat.

In reality, fast fashion might be cheap but exists at a brutal cost which the environment is paying for.

Fast Fashion is basically all the inexpensive clothing that mass retailers produce to meet with the market demands and trends. For the high-end brands and labels, fashion is still seasonal; they have their latest designs out for only three to four times a year. But let’s face it, not everyone is buying from these labels, there’s hardly a percentage of the population doing so, the rest is dependent on this fast fashion.

What’s wrong with such clothing?

Fashion definitely seems attractive and what doesn’t is the way these clothes are sourced and produced. Often these mass retailers in order to meet the demand for clothing and produce clothes faster and cheaper. This overproduce and its subsequent waste in the fabric trimmings, design, and deadstock eventually finds its place in landfills or is just burned paving way for greenhouse gas emissions. The industrial waste accumulated from these garment industries is again not treated properly and since the making of such clothes includes using synthetic fibers, in simple terms fabric made and processed from plastic, at the end finds its place in the ocean increasing the already existing marine pollution.

So how can fashion be sustainable?

Sustainable fashion is something that is made, produced keeping in mind the impact it is going to have on the environment and whether or not the product can be upcycled, decomposed or biodegraded if need be.

Cotton is the most common fabric used in clothing. While the conventional way of making this crop can result in huge water consumption along with tons of chemicals to process it, it definitely isn’t worth the trend. Along with these are the dyes made with toxic chemicals which are again not eco-friendly at all.

Well, there is at least a change in consumer mindset now that the world has seen the destruction the environment is enduring because of our spiteful endeavours, fashion being the silliest but still at the top of that. Brands have now come up with this vision for the future and have started producing clothes made out of fabric like organic cotton, hemp, silk, and linen. These brands are trying to pioneer lifestyle changes by being adaptive to sustainable methods of production, produce and packaging and not just become some brand setting unrealistic trends of fashion.

Store Link: Often being labeled “sustainable” isn’t sustainable in reality. Be sure of these before you are buying your sustainable clothes

How are the textiles made?

What material is used?

How are the products packaged?

How is the waste treated?

One such brand which is pioneering its efforts in Sustainable Fashion is Cuttlefish. Promising to balance our conscious choices with meeting our style expectations, their collection of joggers, sweatshirts shorts, and athleisure wear are everything sustainable and organic. Their products are made out of organic cotton which is super soft on the skin and extremely comfortable to wear. Sport it for all your travel adventures or for just lounging around, their collection is everything guilt-free.

Now, this is just the beginning of Sustainable Fashion. With a better understanding of what we wear at what cost, will definitely foster this much-needed change for the environment.

So on your next shopping spree, look a little for the environment too!!

Store Link:

Written by: Sakshi Jain

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